Hitesh’s GCI-2017 experience

Hi, my name is Hitesh Reddy and I am a 14-year-old student from Australia. my interests in GCI are coding software including open source, python, java, and BRL-CAD. I found out about Google Code-in after my parents said I should do something productive over the school holidays, and so I chose to learn about code. after a little research, I found Google Code-in. To get started I watched a few tutorials on youtube on how to get started with code using open source software. The projects ideas the Fossasia currently have interest me but there are two that stand out. Developing a plug and play adaption of SUSI AI for Google home and Amazon Echo variations. I also find my interests in Improving existing SUSI AI BOTS. Currently, on my on my system, I’m using JBoss as it is much easier than the other advanced community based open source operating systems. I use a variety of communication channels such as e-mail and social media. In the future, I am hoping to work alongside openMRS as it helps those in need of better health.